How to charge a camcorder...


For an arduino powered high altitude ballooning project i want to use a camcorder to record the journey. However the battery life is a bit limited and I saw this guy here extending the battery life of a GoPro by adding a AA battery pack to the Usb port of the camera. However I am not using a go pro, just a normal camcorder. It does not use its usb port for charging, but would it work, hooking up a battery pack with a similar voltage as the charger? Is there a protection circuit in the camera (how would i tell?)?


This is not an arduino question!

Notice that the sub forum is called project guidance, not arduino guidance. It is an arduino project, so I figured it qualifies...

But you would need to supply voltage to the charging port of the camcorder

Well I am actually not that stupid. I sort of understood that myself. What I am asking is whether or not it is safe to hook up lets say 5 unregulated AA batteries to the charging port (like the guy in the video did) without the cameras Li ion battery deciding to blow up.