How to check 1s signal


I need information how can i check a 1s signal?
I have one inductive transducer, i would like check one gear. The gear rotates one over 1 s.
I would like check it with mini pro.
The mini pro is powered from battery, i will going it it sleep mode.
Every hour wake up with RTC and check it, work or not work.

Thanks all help

First, learn how to use the inductive sensor.

If you have difficulties, read the "How to use this forum" post and post a proper question.

Inductive sensors do not provide a dc voltage - they provide an ac signal .

Perhaps a Hall effect sensor could be a better choise?


Inductive proximity sensors do produce a DC signal, and are easy to interface with Arduino, but it is anyone's guess what the OP actually has.

Fair comment But we remain ignorant of the actual problem....