How to check and compare the MAC address (of an ESP32)

Dear all

I have tailored my sketch for three different ESP32. I would like to perform certain code only if the mac address corresponds with the respective hardware. How to do that?

Thanks a lot.

error: invalid operands of types ‘’ and ‘int’ to binary ‘operator==’

error: expected ‘)’ before ‘:’ token

void setup()
  if (WiFi.macAddress == 24:XX:YY:ZZ:66:55)
  Serial.println("Hello, I am ESP32 No1");  

WiFi.macAddress is a string.

You left out the '()' after the function name so you were trying to compare to the function address. The function returns a String which you can compare with a string literal.

if (WiFi.macAddress == 24:XX:YY:ZZ:66:55)


if (WiFi.macAddress() == "24:XX:YY:ZZ:66:55")


if (WiFi.macAddress() == "24:XX:YY:ZZ:66:55")

Depends if OP plans to provide actual numbers for XX, YY, and ZZ. If he / she is thinking those form a match-anything wildcard, then it ain't going to work.

Thank you all very much for your help and explanations. It works now with the query corrected by johnwasser.

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