How to check if TX/RX is working?

Hi! I have bought 2 boards, arduino duemilanove and pro mini, and 433Mhz RF transmitter and receiver kit (example:

Following VirtualWire tutorials, I’ve uploaded simple test code. Transmitter sends data, receiver gets it. But for some reason, receiver gets nothing =(( How can I troubleshoot it?

  1. I made sure, that transmitter is connected to Board 1 pin 7, and sends data using pin 7. I made sure, that it is grounded and powered from 5V properly. Actual receiver is very simple, so I can’t really tell, is it working or not.

  2. I made sude, receiver is connected to Board 2 pin 7, and recevies data via pin 7. It is powered and grounded properly as well. But serial monitor outputs only “setup ready”, and no incoming data at all…

What can I do from this point? I have no clue, what if they are faulty, or what if I did something wrongly.


What can I do from this point?

Post some code?