how to check the hardware reset button

well I suspect my reset button is non-functional. tried to print "hello world" in setup() and pressing the reset button SEVERAL TIMES, HARD doesn't make the line appear more than once.

is there a way to test if it's working/broken?


What board do you have? Can you post your sketch please.

a mega 2560 R3. a very simple hello world sketch like so

void setup()

void loop()


What baud rate do you have selected in your serial monitor window?

When you press Reset, does the LED marked "L" blink at all?

baud rate= 9600

it doesn't blink at all when i press the RESET button. doesn't do anything at all it seems
it blinks once when I deplug-replug the USB, which is like a hard reset

is there a way to test if it's working/broken?

Check it with a multimeter.

do you know how? which/where to stick the probes, what values should I look for, etc.

I tested by putting the negative (black) lead of the multimeter on the Gnd pin (using a bit of wire) as indicated.

Then with the meter on the Ohms range measure the reset button on the points circled with the positive (red) lead. You should get 10K when not pressed (because of the 10K pull-up resistor) and around 0 ? when pressed.

Great! thanks a bunch for the help Nick!

Hi Reno, please let us know either way of the result. :slight_smile: If it doesn't work, hopefully we can help you fix it!

Good luck!