How to choose right type of actuator


I’m looking to build a single boom crane model for a project and I want to use Arduino to control it.
The problem is that, I can’t choose what type of actuator I should use and how to use it with Arduino. The actuator length should be around 100 mm. Maybe someone could help me a little bit.


It would help if you drew a quick sketch of what you mean.

But a couple of things come to mind: what range of motion does it need, and what load will it be subjected to. You’ll need to do some sums based on the load on the crane and the geometry so you can calculate the force in the actuator.

Crane length will be approximately 600-700 mm and the load on the end will be 1 to 2 kg.

Load will be operated with two winches.

Crane is also rotating 240 degrees.

Crane will be similar to the photo.

From the vertical travel you require on the end, you will be able to determine the extension required of the actuator: you could do that easily with a scale drawing with the end in its high and low positions and try a few different actuator mounting points.

Then it's a simple matter of vectors to figure out the compressive load in the actuator from the geometry given the load on the end.

After that look on a site like Firgelli to find one that fits the bill.

Thanks for fast reply ardy, I'll scale the crane down for the model and calculate the load.

Pm me and i can send you a calculation software written by me, when i was working on these type of crane manufacturing. All interested forum members are welcome.