How to communicate remotely to the PCB which have a RS-485 output

Hello everybody.

This is my first post and i hope forum will be helpful for improving my skills on arduino. I have a question about a communication issue. In my working area, we are using a room control panel and it has RS-485 port. How can i read the I/O values of this panel remotely by using Arduino?

To be clearer, control panel is mounted in another city on a plant but i'm working central office. How can i communicate with the device? Could Xbee and WiFi Module become a solution?

I can share the datas, modbus adress of the digital card that we use. Thanks for your helps already now.

Best way is to use GPRS and a web server. Install an arduino that can read the RS-485 data over a serial port and then transmit them to a web server over GPRS. You can watch it from anywhere globally by accessing the data from remote server.