How to compile Hoodloader for UNO?

Does anyone have experience with the Hoodloader alternate bootloader for the UNO and know what software i could use to clone and compile the project from github?

thanx, mike

Do you mean this?

You use Git:

There are several client applications you can use with Git if you want a GUI, or you can just use it directly from the command line.

But you don't need Git to acquire Hoodloader2. You can just download the project from GitHub. The downloads for the latest release are available from the "Assets" section of this page:

You would need make and avr-gcc.

Why do you want to compile it?

If you only want to use it, the author has provided precompiled binaries. These are also packaged in an Arduino boards package you can install using the Arduino IDE Boards Manager.

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WOW that was FAST. yes i need to recompile Nico's Hoodloader because when i DFUed Hoodloader (the precompiled binary) into an UNO, it has it's own vid and pid so the UNO is no longer identified as an UNO. Nico says that if ya wanna keep the UNO vid n pid ya gotta edit the descriptors.h and recompile.
but i don't get how you found that releases page i could not find it anywhere.

OK, makes sense.

avr-gcc comes as part of the Arduino IDE installation (in hardware/tools/avr), so you probably already have that on your computer.

make does not come with the Arduino IDE. The way to get it depends on which operating system you are using.

I spend about 75% of my waking hours on GitHub so it is all very familiar to me.

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