how to composate heading using mpu6050+HMC5883L

Hello there i'm working on a project, that i use 10 DOF mpu6050 /HMC5883L/BMP180.
i used this code mpu_6050/hmc5883l

i'm searching on the internet to find the formula about the tilt composation so i find this formula

// tilt compensated magnetic sensor measurements
  float magxcomp = Magx*cos(Pitch)+Magz*sin(Pitch);
  float magycomp = Magx*sin(Roll)*sin(Pitch)+Magy*cos(Roll)-Magz*sin(Roll)*cos(Pitch);

problem is that the heading is not comosated. when i did a roll or a pitch the value of the heading change, so i want to fix this prblem, i want the value of heading stay correct event i did a pitch or a roll.

is there something wrong with the formula ??
i'mo working on autonomous flight so i need the correct value of heading, please helpe

Here is the complete analysis. Take your pick!

Of course, you must be certain that your definition of pitch and roll is the same as used by the authors.

thanks but its to hard for me thios files :). i'm looking for the easiest way to do the composation

If this project is too hard, you'll either need to spend time learning the background material, or find another project.

i have to do this project because i will build an autonoumous flight, so i must do the tilt composation. could you help me please