How to conduct OR operation of two pwm signals?


Currently I'm working on a project which requires the OR operation of two pwm signals to form the final pwm signal that will be used to operate MOSFETs.

the two pwm signals going for OR operation is produced by Timer 2 of Arduino Uno. The frequency of each signal is altered to be around 10kHz with varying duty cycle.

Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

Can be done with two diodes and a resistor. Google "diode OR gate".

Or use two mosfets in parallel (source to source, drain to drain). Drive the two gates from the two PWM pins. One mosfet OR the other mosfet will be concucting (or both). Leo..

hey leo,

Thanks for the response.

I was wondering if this operation could be done by the arduino itself. if not then i will proceed to using extra components.

just for the info, I will be using the OR-ed pwm signal to drive an h bridge.


What is it that you are really trying to do?

You are not making any kind of sense!