How to conect a webcam to a ARDUINO?

In the last few weeks i was working on a proyect with arduino, where i need to get 4 webcams recording something at the same time like a security cam; But then i encounter in a dilemma, how to conect a webcam to a ARDUINO UNO. I searched theese days but only find proyects with the ARDUICAM and ARDUINO YUNO. Anyone knows a solution?

There will be a reason for that.

Connecting a webcam to an Arduino UNO is simply a meaningless conjunction of words. They have nothing in common.

You want a Raspberry Pi. There is your solution.

Thank you for correcting the Subject line.

thanks for the advice. I will search for that, and thanks again for the correction.

The Arduino does not have the memory, I/O bandwidth, or processing speed to handle video. Orders of magnitude away. Even sending one photo through an Arduino (eg, from an SD card out over... serial say) would involve having to chop it up into much smaller pieces to send - remember, Arduino boards have 512~16384 bytes of RAM (328p has 2048 bytes of memory). The non-AVR arduinos (zero, due, etc) are closer, but still not fast enough for that.

You really need a platform that's more like a computer if you want to work with 4 video streams. Some lightweight computer running linux -maybe a raspberry pi, maybe one of those low-end, low-profile computers running Linux, etc - depending on what you're trying to do.