How to configure something by sending commands from a serial port?

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to do my first voice recognition project, so I picked up 2 different microphones as well as BitVoicer.

I was trying to get geetech's voice module up and running :

The wiki talks about using a serial port to program the board and gives hex keys for doing so. I have no idea where to begin, or what type of coms port to use to communicate in this fashion? Also, what type of program should I use to send the commands? Something like hyperterminal?

Any help shedding some light on this is appreciated :)

Did you already program the 15 voice instructions per the manual?

you then need a sketch that will read the transmissions from the module via serial.

That's what I'm trying to do right now. Apparently, I need the USB-TTL board to communicate via the usb port with the voice module board? I'm not really sure? I think the USB-TTL board is the red board below, which I'm not sure it came with...

Just checked my amazon order. Of course it didn't come with the USB to RS232 TTL board :~

Is the USB-TTL board required to program the voice board, or is there another way I can communicate with the voice board? I tried using the serial monitor from arduino, but it didn't work...