How to connect 12v RGB led strip to audrino

I have Audrino uno R3 and 12v RGB led strip about 1m how can I connect the Led strip to audrino and make color changing lights.
I'm new to audrino and electronics please let me know the transitors or resistors I need for this project.

There are different kinds of LED strips... If the LEDs are individually-addressable you just need power, ground, and one data connection. Non-addressable LEDs need a MOSFET driver for each color.

Which one? Post the link to the datasheet if you have it.

It's 5050 SMD 60 Led strip

Yes, but which?

Give the Web link.

The Arduino can only provide enough power for one or two LEDs. I would use a Logic-level MOSFET for each color channel.

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