How to connect 18560 + tp4056 battery circuit to step up

Excuse me, I have a question
Previously I wanted to make my own power supply using a 18560 + tp4056 battery.
After I tried to connect in parallel and wanted to use the power in the battery, but I was a bit confused, my plan was to use step up. Is it okay if the output circuit is like the picture below? I have tried to illustrate with yellow and pink in parallel too

in the back

I don't think it is a good idea. The TP4056 units have a 'Low battery' protection (and over current and over voltage) that cuts the GND of the battery from the circuit. With the GND of all 3 units connected, all 3 units need to respond before the protection kicks in. Also during charging the units should not be connected, and this probably even more important. LiPo batteries are tricky to work with, and can be dangerous. Overcharging a LiPo may cause it to explode. This circuit is dangerous as far as i can tell. LiPo batteries should not be placed in parallel. Not during charge, and not during discharge.

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It's difficult to understand your circuit from the pictures. Could you make a drawing of the circuit and post that?

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