How to connect 2S LiPo to L298N motor controller?

Hi guys,

I'm building an obstacle avoidance robot. To make energy issues easier I'm upgrading from 9V batteries to a 2S LiPo battery.

Parts used:

  • Arduino Uno R3
  • L298N motor controller - which controls 2 motors
  • 2S 25C 1800mAh battery with XT60 connector

Since it's my first time doing this I'm stuck with 2 questions:

  1. Can I connect the LiPo directly to the motor controller, or would it be better to go through the Arduino?

  2. How can I connect it to either the Arduino or the L298N? Literally, what connectors do I need to tie together? Is it as simple as making a connector for the XT60 to the L298N?

Would much appreciate the help :slight_smile: