How to connect 3 arduino boards

I was wondering how you are able to connect 3 arduino boards together. I already have 2 boards connected but was wondering how to connect the third one.


But why?

You can also use the Software serial library.

Serial "token ring" ..

As you have not told us how you have the first two connected, or even what type of Arduinos you have, it is impossible to answer your question.

It would also help if you explain what your project is.


I have connected the two boards like this.


If you read up on the concept of I2C, you would have your answer.

Image from Reply #6 so we don’t have to download it. See this Image Guide



Why on earth have you got the analog pins connected?

You need to post the program you are using.


Why on earth have you got the analog pins connected?

Because those are the pins I2C use?
No pull ups, but it’s a start

The super intelligent question in post#2 has not been answered yet.

Want to do things twice as fast, and merge the results 100x slower?

This is how it connected with pull ups

All the suggestions and answers might be irrelevant if/when OP posts all the details of the project.

Why more than one Arduino.
How far are they apart.