How to connect 3 HX711 to the same Arduino (Nodemcu ESP8266)

Hi guys, this is my first question. I am really new at this (started this week).

I've tried to find an answer to my question but no success. Sorry if this is also the wrong place to ask.

I am building a project. This project consists of building 3 scales. Each scale will have 4 load cells connected to a load combinator and then the load combinator connects to HX711.

The question is:

Can I connect 3 HX711 to the same Arduino? (the board that I have is Nodemcu ESP8266).

Thank you so much for potential assistance.

Yes, you can.

Thanks for replying.

Is there any special requirement that I need to be aware of? Like having enough power to be supplied for everything.

I am planning to use a USB Hub with 5v 2A. Is this enough to supply power to 12 load cells, 3 load combinator, 3 HX711 and the Arduino itself?

Thank you

Loadcells virtually don't use any noticable power. Bu you'll need to use some bitbanging for communication.

Thank you.

Not sure if I am can keep asking questions, but would you mind explaining what is bitbanging?

Is it hard to implement? Is this via software or hardware? Thanks

You won't need to do any bit-banging. Use one of the available Arduino libraries for HX711 and all the bit-banging is taken care of for you.

Bit-banging is the term for emulating some digital interface in software instead of using some specialised hardware built into the Arduino's MCU chip. The built-in hardware implements standard interfaces like SPI, I2C and Serial. But the HX711 uses a non-standard interface, so there is no choice except bit-banging.

Each HX711 will need 2 pins, so 6 in total. This will be most of the available pins on an ESP8266. If pins is a problem, it may be possible to share the same pin for "CLOCK" for all 3 HX711s, I'm not certain.

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate your assistance.