How to connect 433.92 MHz Transmitter with Arduino

Hi everyone.
i am very new to this forum and i have a project of environment monitoring in which i have to sense the temperature, humidity and light intensity and then send all this data from arduino to Raspberry pi. I have to use 433.92 MHz Transmitter in the arduino side and the receiver in the raspberry pi side. Now the problem is how to send these sensor data comming to the arduino to 433.92MHz transmitter and receive them in the Raspberry PI. I am using arduino UNO. Any one who has done this already please guide me through this and those who have idea of how to this should also guide.


Try searching the forum a bit for 433 MHz communication.
The pros and cons of different modules have been discussed plenty of times as well as the libraries used by them.
There's no need to start another discussion about it unless you have a more specific question.