How to connect a AC/DC converter to a power switch


This is probably very simple, but i'm wondering how to connect my AC/DC converter to a power switch i've just bought. The AC/DC converter has three input, L, N and Ground The power switch looks like this : |500x500 On the back of the switch i can find three connection - L, N and Ground - and four others for the switch part : how do i connect the L,N, and Ground to the switch and then to my AC/DC converter ? |500x500 (datasheet of the switch can be found here, but there's no electrical schematic : ? Many thanks for helping

Hi, you could try to measure resistance on that switch when it is on and off and you find where you need to solder L wire I could draw it for you but i dont know how this switch work

Hi, I measured resistance on the switch as you smartly suggested, and this is what should be the correct wiring - anyone could confirm or not if this is good ? I'm quite sure, but as it is 220V i prefer to have a double verification. |500x500 Thanks for helping me

You've measured it, you have all the information.

Thanks for the confirmation MarkT.