how to connect a BI-POLAR motor to ULN2003 board

Hi guys, I have some ULN2003 boards laying around, the ones with 5 outputs and a BI-POLAR stepper motor with 4 wires. Is there a way to connect them?


The schematic I found seems to show it quite clearly. What one are you looking at? Can you post a link to it and explain what you don’t understand?


thanks, no problem, already got an L293

So why waste our time asking about a ULN2003? - which, by the way, is probably more suitable!


The ULN2003 is not well suited to bipolar motors since it cannot source current only sink it. The L293 can certainly do the job but a stepper controller chip or beakout board is more effective. See Pololu or Sparkfun for inexpensive solutions.