How to connect a bluetooth transceiver and a TFT shield


I have a Arduino Uno with a TFT shield like this one.

And for my project I need to send and receive data via bluetooth so I bought a bluetooth transceiver.

But the problem is when the TFT shield is placed on my arduino I can't access the needed pins to connect the bluetooth transceiver.

Do you have any idea to solve that issue ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If your TFT shield is making use of the pins you need for the Bluetooth transceiver - you will need two digital pins, it won't matter whether you can add your Bluetooth transceiver or not.

Yes that's true, I didn't think about that.

So I will need two Arduino boards to use at the same time the TFT shield and my bluetooth transceiver ?

God, I hope not........

I have never heard of a display that uses pins D0,D1. I think the first thing you should do is check that they really are used on yours, and that does not mean that they look like they might be being being used.