How to connect a P62.5 led mesh with an Arduino Nano?

I am planning on purchasing a square meter sample of led mesh (P62.5) from China.

For our project, we need to connect a micro-controller (ESP32) with a remote on the input side and create display output on the led mesh. The remote has set buttons like Enter/Do Not Enter, which when pressed need to display the corresponding message on the display.

I am wondering how do I pair up the ESP32 with the led mesh? How can a Arduino Nano help here? (Please check below images for reference)

Any help is appreciated.

It would help if You post a link to LED stuff.

Check out this product on Alibaba App p120/p80/p25 flexible soft led mesh screen for inflatable billboards structureflexible led display panel taiwan

Check my comment on your thread. Thanks very much for helping out.

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