How to connect a Pololu MC33926

I'm working on controlling a Linear actuator using a Pololu MC33926 ( I am using a PS3 controller to control the movements. I have the controller working with LED's but I can not get the motor driver connected correctly. Can someone send me an example of what pins to connect and what code to use? Thank you

The instructions on that site you linked seem clear enough: you try that way?

Looks like you provide direction control on in1 and in2 (presumably high/low = one way, low/high = the other), pwm on /d2 (or just take it high to make motor active), and then take d1 low (easiest with a hard wire to ground I guess). (edit: looks like you can take d1 and d2 low and high as you wish, with jumpers on the board to save messing around with extra wires.)