How to connect a USB Device to WIFI-1010

I am struggling with this issue for days and wonder maybe I am on the wrong path.

I need to read ASCII strings from a USB Device which is basically a keyboard emulator. The device is a card reader and it sends a string as the user places a card in front of it. When connecting the reader to a PC I can see a clear text string and I need the same info on the MKR.

I couldn't find a direct way to connect USB HID Device to MKR's UART and didn't want to convert the USB HID into RS232 and from there to TTL because it involves dealing with voltage levels which do not exist on the MKR.

I tried using the USB Host Shield with UNO hoping to be able to read the data on the UNO and send it to the MKR Serial1 but this is not working because the library sends the data only when it see a key down event and such event do not occur.

Any idea is highly appreciated.