How to connect a videocamera ov7670 to arduino Nano?


i need to connect a videocamera ov7670 to arduino Nano....i need the circuit scheme to wire arduino nano and the video module ov7670.

I need also a software.ino but i need also a software for Motion Detection made by the camera and not from an infrared sensor.

Can somebody help me?? i thank you so much in advance,
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dear groundfurus,

thanks, but i'm unable to find an answer there.....

can somebody help me??

i need to connect my ov7670 to arduino nano and make a motion detection with it!!!

i thank you in advance!!

lestroso :confused:

Can somebody help me???

i don't have asked a mountain.....

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lestroso :confused:

Forget the motion detection for now. Do you have the camera connected and is it operating? The only way the instructions could be simpler is for some child to do it for you.

Does the sample software work for you?

Now, if it is working, what do you want a motion detection to do? Does it entail doing something with the image using an Arduino?