how to connect an Arduino uno with a MCP4822


I am a 20 year old student and this is my first time of using the MCP4822 with the arduino uno.
I’m sorry if my question might be too simple or stupid.

For my project I want to connect a MCP4822 with my arduino uno board to use the mcp4822 for an analog output.
In the moment I connect the CS pin (No. 2 at mcp4822) with pin 10 at the arduino, the SCK pin (No. 3 at mcp4822) with pin 13.
The SDI (No. 4 at mcp4822) with pin 11 and I grounded the LDAC (No. 5). The VDD is connected with the 5V power supply and the VSS also with the ground.

My first question: Is this the right connection for this library and for the examples?

If you want I also can post the source code.
I don’t understand in the examples
#define AOUT_CS A1 //(A1? Is this the analog input pin 1? If yes why?)
#define AOUT_LDAC A3 //(A3? Is this the analog input pin 3? If yes why?)

And my second question: Do you think this is a good library or would you suggest me another?

If you could help me I would be very pleased.

Thank you very much!