how to connect and code

Hey guys,

I'm new to Arduino and looking for a lot of help. I have the Arduino Uno, L298n, 2 push buttons (to stop movement once depressed), an ESP8266 Wi-Fi controller, a 24V motor, 30V power source and a camera which I'd like to connect. I'd like to be able to control the motor using Wi-Fi and for the motor to stop once the push button is depressed.

I need the motor to be able to move again even though the button is still depressed (is this possible?), I would also like to attach a camera which I can view from my mobile phone (if not just the screen which is part of the camera).

How would i wire all of this up and what coding what i need?

Thank you for any and all help, I feel like I'm in over my head but want to build an amazing project.

I feel like I'm in over my head

This is probably true but it all sounds possble - some sort of remotely controlled camera - and, if you take things one step at a time, you might be able to come up for air..

You might start by elaborating on the camera. There are plenty that are WiFi controlled, no Arduino needed, but controlling camera and motor simultaneously might be a bit of an adventure. You also need to look into voltage regulators and/or power supplies more appropriate to Arduino.

I believe that the l298n is able to withstand 35V so my 30V shouldn't be a problem. The camera is probably the least important part, but I've salvaged a camera from an old laptop (I'm not exactly sure of the model or number).

The plan is to use the motore to move an object in a straight line and stop once it hits the push button, then move it back only to stop again when it hits another push button.

I don't know anything about the camera, my comment was about Arduino.

The rest sounds like limit switches to control travel, the sort of thing that would be done in a printer.

Check the current of your motor. The L298N can operate at 46V, but only handle 2A of current.

Get one thing working at at time. Don't wire everything up and expect it all to work. If your a true newbie I would recommend going through the examples that come with Arduino

Thanks for your replies. my motor is 24v but 3A, I only want to use one motor is it possible to run + and - wires from both motor ports to do this? I’ve figured out how to wire everything except the push buttons (any ideas) and would like to use Blynk to control it but not sure how to do that. some siytes say i need to update ESP8266 and others say i don’t :cold_sweat:

You have already said you have an ESP8266, so where is the problem? It can work as a WiFi component to a Uno system but it can also do this sort of thing as a stand-alone. Using a NODE-MCU as a Uno replacement is about as convenient as a Uno, so maybe that is what is meant. I don't think Blynk is part of the choice of hardware, WiFi is WiFi as far as it is concernedm but I think it is a good choice of operation. Another might be Adafruit IO.

my motor is 24v but 3A, I only want to use one motor is it possible to run + and - wires from both motor ports to do this?

What is the stall current for your motor? It is probably 10 Amperes or more and the driver MUST be able to handle it.

The L298 motor driver ports can be used in parallel, but each port can handle only 1 Ampere continuously. At higher draw it overheats and shuts down.

The L298 driver won't work at all for your motor, so consider a motor driver from Pololu..

Get the motor/linkage/camera part working before moving on to other parts of the project.