how to connect arduino and driver mosfet motor dc


You may want to look at H bridge motor control drivers, such as


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pless help me how connect arduino to mosfet, and code? circuit logictoggle please to arduino uno R3

That's a classic bad circuit, it has full-on shoot-through and shouldn't be attempted, you'll have
lots of problems unless the power supply is low current. With a half-H-bridge its vital that
one switch turns off before the other is turned on, this cannot be achieved if the gates are commoned
up like that.

Use a proper MOSFET driver chip/chips with shoot-through prevention in a standard configuration
(All n-channel) for a reliable topology.

so can help me?

What experience do you have with electronics and programming? This will help with determining the level of help required.

Please supply links or clear photos of parts you are using.


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