How to connect arduino as client to a network using my laptop ethernet port


I have a school project in which I need to connect my arduino to the network in order to get some values of a defined page or send data to a server.

My wired school network doesn’t allow me to connect any device to that, I have only access to a wifi network through my laptop.

I have available to use an Arduino Mega 2560, an ethernet shield and my laptop, is that possible to do this?

Wifi <<>> Laptop Ethernet port <<>> EthernetShield/Arduino (as client)


Do a Google search for "internet connection sharing".

Thanks for your reply.

I've already configured my wifi connection to be shared with my ethernet port.

I'm testing it with Arduino example WebClient using dhcp to assing an IP to my ethernet shield and it is doing it and connecting to the server right but still can't make an http GET request...

Any idea why?

What IP does your shield have? What IP does your wireless device have?

I've already solved my problem.

There was some trouble with Skype, I turn it off and the connection works well now.

Thanks for your help.