How to connect Arduino + RFID Module using Ethernet with database PHPMyAdmin

Hi guys.

I just want to ask about the connection between Arduino + RFID Module using Ethernet (ARFE). How the connection can be enable when its come to connect the ARFE with the database ? We didn't find any solution for connecting both of them together. Please help us doing our project before the presenation date come.Is there any solution for connecti ng ARFE with the database.

Thank you in advanced.

google results arduino webclient php; there is an instructable that includes mysql example that you can use as a guide.

google results arduino mysql; remember that direct database access via the web can pose serious security issues,

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Draw a diagram of your complete solution including the Arduino, the RFID Reader, the ethernet interface, the PHP/Apache/MySql database server (which you call PHPAdmin) and label all the components and post it here.

Have you already got the RFID reader and Arduino working together ? Have you already defined a database and tables etc. on the database server to support your application ? When you get so far, you should be able to make an intermediate test with a web browser, simulating the activity with the RFID card.