How to connect Arduino to other device for measurement


I am a biology student and working with locusts. I built a LED array, controlled by an Arduino mega, that is focus on the complex eye, stimulate it with different patterns and do some electrophysiological recordings. But I do not know, how I can exactly correlate the my measurements with the LED patterns. So how can I import the information of the sequence to e.g. a oscilloscope?? I guess it is rather simple, but I am really new to all that electronics stuff.

Many thanks for the help!


Most modern 'scopes' have USB connections and you can get a JPG of the image... this is easy to import into your wordprocessor. You can use serial data from the Arduino to transmit metadata and data directly into a SDF (system data format) file that can be imported into Excel. Or, you can use an Arduino Leonardo to simulate a HID keyboard and have the data "typed" directly into Excel.

So, a combination of JPG images from the oscilloscope and real-time data capture in Excel should provide graphs, charts, and regression coefficients and all manner of capability. Start by mapping your data inputs to what you want to output and the "story" you wish to tell.

  • Ray