How to connect Arduino UNO with AZD-CD driver?


I am trying to use Arduino and the AZD-CD driver (Orientalmotor) to control the stepper motor AZM66AC (Orientalmotor), but I am new to Arduino and do not know how to connect it to the AZD-CD driver. The datasheet of the driver can be found at the following link. Does anyone know the correct connection? Thanks.


Pretty sure the AZD-CD already has a controller in it.


Yeah, the AZD-CD driver has a built-in controller, and MEXE02 is used to program. The problem is that it seems to be difficult to drive the motor into sinusoidal motion (the rotation angle of the shaft is in the form of theta = A sin(omega * t)) with MEXE02. One can discretize the smooth sinusoidal curve into many steps, and the velocity and accelration at each step keep constant. Such an approximation may be sufficient. However, when it comes to varying the amplitude A and the frequency omega in ranges, the coding work can be onerous because it seems that you will have to input the parameters step by step and there can be hundreds of steps (for a good approximation).

Therefore, I am wondering whether I can use the Arduino with the AZD-CD driver to ease the coding work, though I do not know how to code in Arduino at this stage. It seems that coding in Arduino is much more flexible than in MEXE02.

Do you have any suggestion? Thank you.

I'd start with the existing controller and see if it has a simple 90 degree sine look up table built in. If it doesn't try to add one to memory.

Just checked the manuals and did not find any similar function, neither did the method for writing user-defined function into memory. Is there any reference? Thanks.

For writing your own
What info do you put into a sine function normally?
How can that info be used to organize a large group of values?
Any ideas?

Honestly, I do not understand your questions and know very little about this field (adding additional function to the memory of the driver). I will need to vary the amplitude and the frequency of the sine wave. So, to be able to conveniently adjust these two parameters is the priority. Thanks.

Important question, please don't be offended by it.
Do you understand basic trig?

I get even more confused...

You want to create a solution to a problem that involves using trigonometry, but you don't know trigonometry?
You may need to have this thread moved to the section where you pay talented people to do something like this for you.

  1. I did not say I don't know trigonometry.

  2. You can just leave

I wasn't trying to be insulting. I asked the question and you said you were confused.
Had you answered it I could have helped you find a solution in just a few minutes probably, but I'll leave you to it.

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