How to connect BuyDisplay LCD using SPI interface

I'm a complete electronics and Arduino noob and think I may have gotten in over my head... I've purchased this LCD Display for use with my Arduino Uno and thought that because it had an SPI interface it would be a simple matter of connecting 3 wires (as I don't need to read from display, only write to it).

On that page, I'm looking at the "128x64 Dots Graphic COG LCD Module Datasheet" and "ERC12864-2 Series Interfacing Document" which are not straightforward at all. From what I can gather (mostly from page 8 of the first document), I need to make the following connections:

Pin 1: set to High to use internal resistors Pin 2: set to Low to select serial Pins 4-9: need to supply voltage to these, but which and how much? Do the internal resistors automatically convert from 5V to 3.3V? Pin 18: "D7" = Serial data, connect to MOSI on Uno Pin 19: "D6" = Serial clock, connect to SCK on Uno Pin 30: "Chip Select", is this the same as "Slave Select"?

Are these the only pins I need to connect in order to get it working?

Thanks for your help, I want to be sure what I'm getting into before I try attempting to solder these tiny FPC connections!! (In the meantime I've purchased a more noob-friendly LCD shield but I'd still like to learn how to do this by hand).