How to connect Dagu magician chassis to arduino ??


Could you please help me, how to connect the dagu magician chassis to arduino through adafruits motorsheild. If anybody has done it already, could you also post me the code.

I am new to Ardunio, I did just blibking LED tutorial.

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Funny

The Dagu Magician is an Arduino compatible mcu. This means is operates as an Arduino but from looking at the picture of the device and the available manual ( it appears that you will have to connect the pins manually. The motor shield will not fit on top of the Dagu Magician.

You might be able to place the motor shield on two individual solderless breadboards if they were able to accommodate the shield with the spacing. You could then find the appropriate pins for each corresponding one between the two devices.

If that does not work, try taking a protoboard and soldering in header receptacles at the proper spacing. You could then solder in a second set of header receptacles on the outside of the ones to fit the shield and solder the contacts together underneath. You could then place the shield on the protoboard and connect the pins by running jumpers to the correct receptacle. Make sure you have enough room on the protoboard before soldering.