how to connect display

Can you please tell me what pins should i connect in mega UTFT myGLCD(TFT01_24SP,9,8,12,11,10); I`m sitting on this for about 2h and none of my options work? thank you

can you guys please help me get this sorted please?? i`m just about to throw this into the bin.
constructor UTFT myGLCD(TFT01_24SP,38,39,40,41);

Where did you get the screen from, its possible that the library needed is a modified version of the UTFT library.

I have same pins check

the other lib didnt worked well with utouch. Now im trying to implement UTFT library but just cannot get it working with my mega. It worked well with MAREKB lib

HazardsMind seen the lib ILI9341 (new) SPI library for Arduino Due supporting DMA transfer is nice fast lib to work with, but it must to have some bugs as ive tried UTOUCH and touch master library for touchscreen and both had same behavior, pointing towards the core file, but im unable to say anything else about that case as my coding and understading is still very low level