how to connect dual dc motor driver to arduino and wireless receiver

I heard that Arduino is an Open Source. I have a Uno. I want to connect a DC Motor Driver 12V 20A to run a DC motor of 12 volts and 5amp. I want to know how to connect it with Uno :i want to use it to control my battlebots driver motors useing this motor driver.

Input Voltage: 7V minimum to 30V maximum
Continuous Current (< 1seconds) ~ 20A
Continuous Current (< 10seconds) ~ 10A
Continuous Current (> 10seconds) ~ 5A (without heat sink on MOSFETS)
Absolute Maximum Peak Current ~ 50A

Control IO Description:-
GND - connect to GND on controlling board
DIR - Pulled down to GND Forward by default and Backward when 5V (logic high)
PWM - Pulse Widht Modulation input to control speed of motor (recommended freq 20Hz to
BRK - breaking input to halt the motor in operations when 5V (logic high)
5V - regulated 5V output from motor driver board (maximum 50mA supply)

what controller are you using? oftentimes they are connected like this. google is your friend.