How to connect eDIP 128-6 GLCD

Hello i am new in the world of Arduino and i am looking how to connect a eDIP 128-6 on my arduino uno ?

The datasheets can be found there

Thank you for you help :)

Do you have an image of the specific LCD that you have? There are 3 ways you can connect the LCD to your Arduino. The simplest would probably be Serial (RS-232 in the datasheet), the fastest one will be SPI. A quick search didn't bring up any libraries for this display, and from going through the datasheet, the controller seems to be proprietary. (GLCD guys please correct me if I'm wrong) If that's the case you will have to develop your own library (code) to control the LCD.

This is my LCD: or

For the RS-232 is it necessary to have a MAX232 ?

For the libraries i have some knowledge in C and C++, i will adapt one that i find on the web :slight_smile:

MAX232 is not needed to connect it to the Arduino.

Ok good, then how to connect it to my arduino(pin)?

Thank you very much for your help :)

Everything is in the datasheet on page4, pins D0 and D1 on your Arduino are the Rx and Tx pins.