How to connect everything in Hexacopter with Arduino Mega 2560

I have a really stupid question, but please forgive me, cos Im totally new in this.
A week ago I bought HexX from one guy that I found in Internet. Because I need to expand my video abilities so I decided to by a copter. I was thinking to buy Phantom II but I found that I cannot attach any more havier camera then GoPRo. That guy offered me good price and nice copter (HEX) and promise me to help to put together everything, cos’ I don’t know nothing about copters. After package arrive I didn’t find any manual, any notes, so I started to write emails to him and one evening he helped me and show me where to begin. Now he is gone and completely have no clue why he is not answering the phone, emails etc. So, Can you guys please help me finish everything? I think Im in the middle of the work so not much must be done.
I have: HexX
Arduino Mega 2560
BMP 180
microservo sg90 2x and servo sg5010 for gimbal( I will change it later)
All I have don’t by now is:
connect arms with motors and with ESC… done( motors are beeping, so they are working)
connect ESC to power supply… done
connnect servo… done
connect battery… done( at this point all elements are working but… in my laptop shows me that AeroQuadConfig cannot detect Acceleratometer and Gyroscope.
I just ordered GPS module and HC-sr04 and MPU6050.
Now I don’t know how to connect Turnigy 9x 8ch receiver to motherboard, how to pair with transmitter?
How to connect motors to Mega2560(battery is supplying motors and Mega)?
…and I hope thats it?
Im sorry for long post at the beginning but Im really desperate. I thing all the elements I did correctly because if not… probably I will smell it :blush:
Thanks for any help and sorry again.

This isn't the ideal forum to post questions about drones

Try posting to the RCGroups or DIYDrones forums

OK. Thank you. Sorry.