How to connect Groove mutichannel gas sensor to Arduino Uno R3

I just got the Groove multichannel gas sensor. The package came in with the included wires. I don't have the base shield. Can I connect it with without base shield Arduino Uno R3 or do I have to buy the base shield. Can I connect it with jumper wires(male to male or male to a female)?

This is the link to the sensor: Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor - Seeed Wiki

Please reply as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help

You can connect it to any Arduino. Find the 4 pin labels indicated on the board and data sheet and connect the wires.

Which wires to use to connect it to? Tried using male to female jumper wire but the sensor keeps falling of.

Cut off the Arduino side of the connector and solder male jumper wires there, to fit into the Arduino headers.