How to connect GSM 800L V2 module to TTL

Hello forum, months ago I bought this GSM module: GSM 800L EVB (after a bit of googling found out people call it V2 instead of EVB). I also have USB to TTL board for communication with the USB port of my PC. I googled the specification of the GSM board and some video tutorials of other GSM board types connected to TTL board. From the things I saw and read VDD(the pin on my board) is similar to VCC, so I connect the 5v+ from the TTL to VDD. Also I understood that VDD matches the voltage from provided from the USB - TTL board. My PC's USB port is 5 Volts, so I supposte the voltage is enough to power the board. I installed the drivers for CP2102 and the USB-TTL board is recognized. When I start Termite the TTL board lights its LED and it is recognized on COM port 3. So I suppose the TTL board works. But the GSM module does not light up at all. Am I connecting it the wrong way? Isn't VDD for 5v+? I have two more pins on the GSM module stating +5V and GND(I use the other GND pin). When I searched modules of this type pictures pop up and VDD, GND, RX_SIM, TX_SIM are pins marked as UART. What am I doing wrong?
My board is the same, I just do not have the writings POWER and UART TTL on the back of the board: Link to the board
I use this Serial converter: Link here

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