How to connect HC-05 to HC-06 Driving me MAD!

Ok so I managed to put both into AT mode and I have configured both modules.
The master unit HC-05 when in slave mode I am able to connect my phone and read serial but when in Master mode its not discoverable.

I tried various methods to connect to the HC-06 Slave unit from the HC-05 using the LINK command but although AT command says OK it is not transmitting data to the HC-06

I can however manually connect to the Slave HC-06 again with my phone and send data to it.

Also apparently the Master unit is supposed to automatically connect to a slave unit but mine don’t

What confuses me the most in this config link setup is how can it (pair) or link without a password?

Does anyone have an example pairing config settings for both HC-05 and HC-06 to get the HC-05 sending data to the HC-06 please?

All I changed on the SLAVE unit was the SPEED, NAME and PASSWORD

On the MASTER unit I did SPEED to match above, NAME and PASSWORD

I tried the following link setup


OK I Cracked it, Apparently the slave and master must both have the same passwords. And the connect sequence is


hi brian!

i also want my hc05 to talk to my hc06.

connections will be as follows:

hc05 connected to arduino uno should be acting as master, and hc06 connected to arduino micro should be acting as slave.

iv checked my hc06, it is working fine as a slave, but im having issues configuring hc05 as master. i want to configure it using arduino (uploading a program or sth), could u plz help me with it? how did u configure urs?

and how do i set similar speed for both hc05 and hc06?

plz dont mind my silly qns. im a newbie and i need to complete this task of my project real soon, so i would be EXTREMELY grateful to you if you cud give me steps as to how exactly to configure my hc05 as master? how do i connect hc05 to my laptop for configuration? where do i type these commands? and then how do i do these steps for hco6, so it acts as slave and responds to hc05 flawlessly?

Newbie as well here and i am working on a cigar box guitar and mini amp with a wireless bluetooth interface.

I was wondering from the post above if the arduino for the master hc05 has to be an uno, because I wanted to use pro minis for size and cost reasons.

Other than that i know still nothing so i have been surfing the YouTube tutorials and most of them are in a different language. So if anyone has a link that could help it would be most appreciated.

Other types of Arduino can be used. I mostly use Nano's for bluetooth projects.

I have some guides (in English) at on how to connect.