How to connect HC-06 BT module without pins?

So, from one chinese popular store I ordered a HC-06 module that I received... and due to some mistake from a store, I received a HC-06 without connecting pins. So usually HC-06 looks like this (with blue plate underneath where 4 pins are available to solder or connect):

I just received the one without this blue plate and pins:

How do I connect it to Arduino if there are no pins? Where are usual GND, TX, RX pins (is this schematics correct?)? Is it okay if I just solder a wire to some of them without this blue under-plate?

Also do I need to add some resistors or other components if I connect wires directly to these half-circle pins?

Thank you!


It might fry your Arduino serial pins/the entire board if you give connection to wrong pins. Anyway, these cheap Chinese crap cost hardly $5 each from Banggood etc.

It's not worth frying your Arduino for messing around with these craps, unless your Arduino too is a cheap chinese clone, in which case, errrrr...... I don't seem to have a voice here then...

You can buy just the base board that you're missing by itself:

The soldering of the castellated PCB is a little tricky, but certainly doable.

But it is true that these things are so cheap that it might just be best to buy a complete module as a replacement so you can get right to working on your project. Better yet, buy the base board and a complete module at the same time. Then you can have a fun soldering project trying to make the one you have now functional, but also have a backup in case something goes wrong.

Okay, thank you! Will consider to buy a new one, but some guy suggests it may be connected to the Arduino (since my Nano has the 3.3V pin)