How to connect Java with arduino?

I hope you can answer, cuz i have tried all tutorials, but nothing...
Maybe some of you could help me out..

Thank you, cheers :wink:

The simplest way is with Processing - google it.

Java is a language, you run it in a machine, what machine.

The answer is simple through the serial port.

Can you provide a link to a tutorial that have you tried ?

What Java code is running on the PC ?
What code is running on the Arduino ?

There is a whole section of the forum dedicated to interfacing the Arduino with software on the PC. This is where you would look for advice about interfacing it with a Java application. Serial comms with Java is a bit of a PITA but Processing is essentially Java and makes the job rather easier for you, so consider using Processing instead of Java.

Could you give me some link please ? :wink: