How to connect linear actuator and Motor stepper shield to same Uno board?

Hi Guys,

I'm making the Arduino bartender project; however, I'm not able to get the linear movement of the stepper motor to push the liquor dispenser to release the liquid. Is there any way to connect linear actuator/servo/stepper motor and Motor shield V1 or V2 to the same arduino uno board? Need stepper motor to move glass to right dispenser and then linear upward movement to push the liquor dispenser nozzle.

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The easy way: get a CNC shield, install GRBL, send gcode to controller.

That is a simple X and Y axis and there are a lot of those drink dispensers on the internet.
A google search should find you a project similar enough to use OOB or adapt to your system.

Not sure GRBL is the answer but the CNC shield itself could well deal with some of the issues depending if you are using stepper motors or not.

Anyway links to your parts and code and schematics would be the very least information people would need to help much further.

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Thanks for your reply. Apologies for not posting all the required information.

I’m making automated bartender. Please find attached details of the circuit diagram, code, parts. I would really appreciate your help here. The issue is both the stepper motors are not able to run at the same time, speed:z axis movement to release liquid from the liquid dispenser.

Circuit diagram:

Z Axis movement Image:

Board Connection:

Final project image:

PArts used:

Power supply:

Stepper motor:
Stepper motor:

Motor shieldV1:

Motor Shield V2:

The issue is when I connect 2 stepper motor to M1/M2 or M3/M4 the board gets overloaded and two steppers does not work the way it is supposed to work.

BarRobot-master (1).zip (2.75 KB)

BarRobot-master (1).zip (2.75 KB)

Could you EDIT your post to use proper links and insert the pictures properly and your code please.

I provided links for that purpose earlier.