How to connect LIS302DL  accelerometer

Hi everyone!
I just got an LIS302DL accelerometer but I'm a little confused. How should I wire up the accelerometer to the arduino, is this image right?
Thanks for your help guys!

No, it's not right.
First of all, the ls302DL is a 3.3V part, so you should not connect it to the 5V power.
Second, it looks like the part has 3 each power and gnd pins; you must connect them all.
Third, it has a digital interface, so connecting to the analog pins is not the most likely thing to do (since you may use the analog arduino pins, you COULD connect it approximately this way, but ... combined with your other mistakes I think this indicates that you don't quite understand how this chip works.)

you are right I dont understand how it works, thats why Im asking, Im learning Im only 17 years old and I hope you can undesrstand that the best way of learning is asking, even if is a stupid question it wont be stupid for people who want to learn, never stop making questions and thanks for your help! you have been really helpful indeed!
thank you

Well, those were clues, not JUST complaints...

Do you have a bare LIS302DL chip, or one of the "breakout modules" from sparkfun or NKC or similar? If you've got the latter, your diagram is closer to correct.

A quick web search turns up