How to Connect MEGA 2560 to 3.2" TFT LCD (HY32D)

Hi all,
I am a newbie into the arduino world. I would like to display the output data from my sensor onto the LCD, however I ve been doing lots of research but I cannot find out how to connect my LCD to the MEGA chip.

The display has 17 pins and the MEGA has 18 pins. Ive tried all combinations but the screen stays off when i run the example code given in the arduino programmer.

I read that i need to download the UTFT library to operate it, but even with the UTFT code examples I don't have any success.

Your help will be highly appreciated. Many thanks.

The Arduino MEGA 2560 has about 50 digital I/O pins.

The TFT Controller on the HY32D is the SSD1289:

This site has a step by step tutorial on how to use the SSD1289 with an Arudino MEGA:

I think you need to practice your Google skills more. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help johnwasser. I went through the second link that gave instructions on how to hook the display to the MEGA board, unfortunately, the pic "LED A" (which is supposed to be connected to the 5v pin) does not exist.

However despite this, I hooked up the rest of the pins and ran the UTFT sample code, but all Iam getting is a white screen.

further help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.