how to connect motors

how can i connect 3 motors and control them with an arduino pls ? I would appreciate any help thank you :slight_smile:

Well first you need to define what kind of motors, eg plain old DC, or servos, or steppers, with details like voltage and current. Then you need to define what you mean by “control”…

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hello thank you for your reply :slight_smile: . They are DC motors. I think that they can run up to 9 volts but I'm not sure. I want one motor to shift from left to right and the other 2 to go at high RPM's in both reverse and forward.

What do you mean by shift from left to right?- like a swivel kind of thing? That sounds like a job for a servo; read all about servos here.

For the other two, to have direction control you need an h-bridge. You can see an example of that here (although the 293 is old technology), and for example Pololu have a range to suit different voltages and currents.

I am trying to build a 3 wheeled remote controlled car and i want one dc motor to be able to turn the 2 front wheels left and right. And 2 motors to run a wheel on the back. I will see the links thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Steering is a match for a servo, not a DC motor. A dual motor driver shield might be
the thing - but what are the details of the motors? Some clue about size, power,
stall current, or even better a datasheet / specs...

Hi, getting a lot of motor to steer, two motors to drive robots?

Is this a school project?

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We need to know so we can help you understand your project.