How to connect my Laptop with Arduino via Wifi (Arduino Mega 2560)

Dear Sir, I am a new user of arduino platform. I want to control my arduino board (Arduino Mega 2560) via wifi from my Laptop. I need help to solve this problem and need a specific guideline to develop myself. Thanks in advance.

Thank you Engr. Md. Mahfuz

Well of course, you have not explained what you really want to do, so we cannot really help you.

For WiFi, the extremely cheap ESP8266 can do many things on its own, without an Arduino at all.

If it is an option it would be much easier to use Bluetooth.

In case it is not clear from Reply #1, you can also use the ESP8266 in conjunction with an Arduino board.

Other options are a WiFi shield or a Yun shield - which gives you most of the capabilities of an Arduino Yun.


Thank you both Paul and robin for your feedback.

Actually I want to make my Arduino Mega 2560 like Arduino Yun (Only Wifi Shield). Which shield do I use to active wifi in my Arduino Mega 2560?

I believe the Yun shields (I think there are two types) will work with a Mega.