How to connect my Me Ultrasonic sensor v3.1 to adruino Yun


I need to quickly build some sort of presence detector that sends notifications through the internet (it's a context of real threat to my family).

I have recently bought an Arduino Yun. Beside I got a "Me Ultrasonic Sensor v3.1" ( from a Makeblock package I bought years ago. This sensor is connected to the Arduino Uno of the Makeblock package through an RJ25 port.
I've just discovered this "Me Ultrasonic Sensor v3.1" looks almost exactly like the HC-SR04 sensor. The only difference seemed to be the RJ25 port. So I got rid of the RJ25 port, and I'm now left with this :

...which doens't have only 4 pins like the HC-SR04, but 6.

Could someone provide me with some hints about how to connect that to my Arduino Yun?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Why destroy it. Add pins for signal, Ucc and Gnd.
I guess you use like the 3pin version of HC04