how to connect my strange lcd

I just scavenged from a old transmitter, a lcd screen

I cannot find a way to connect

Here are the pins

LED+ --------------------------------------
LED- ---------------------------------------
CS ---------------------------------------
WR -----------------------------------------
DATA ----------------------------------------
GND -----------------------------------
VDD ---------------------------------------


The last 2 dont have any wire connected

I am trying to connect to arduino uno

Unless you can find a part number and a datasheet for that part number then it is best to connect it with the trash bin.

The other option is if you have 100 of them and you don't mind destroying a few then you can just zap it with random stuff until you decode the pins. You will need some serious test equipment to do this.

You could use it as a lamp! The LED+/- connections are obvious enough.

i guess a lamp would be nice.....ish?

but do you know where i could start testing this display

Seems like it:

DATA = Data In is probably your input serial data line
WR = Write data strobe (i.e. data clock in)
CS = Chip Select - hold either high/low (depending on logic polarity) to enable.
LED + = Backlight LED anode
LED - = Backlight LED cathode

Oh and since there's no clock signal it's probably a uart interface like a RS232 (probably not at RS232 voltage levels though). Maybe try that first messing around with the baud rate until you get some garbage or a character to show up. There's probably also single character commands to clear the LCD which you can figure out by trying. Like sending 0x01 clear or something like that.

found that the controller sends signals at 115200 Baud.
also found that the controller sends a clock like (High, Low, High, Low etc..) signal to both the WR and CS pins. Hope this helps!